Angiography Rooms / Cardiac Catheterization Labs

We Design the Rooms with Patient’s Comfort who are likely to be anxious or uncomfortable, or a combination of both, We allowing Patient to feel at ease during the scan by our Interiors and lighting experience.

Primarily utilizes an ionizing radioactive isotope tracer or contrasting dye to image and detect heart function, blood vessels and other cardiac heath conditions, and on-going catheter insertion procedures with real time imaging similar to live-action fluoroscopy. Typical energy levels range between 50kvp and 100kvp. These rooms are usually larger from 16’0″ x 20’0″ and up to 24’0″ x 32’0″. These rooms require shielded walls, a large x-ray glass control window minimum 48″ wide x 36″ high or larger for a clear view of patient and procedures, and shielded door(s). Shielding must be calculated by a physicist or radiation expert retained by the facility. Shielding is based on the specific imaging equipment utilized and typically will involve several different lead thicknesses depending upon primary beam and secondary scatter radiation fields, surrounding occupancy factors and other considerations.