Lead X-Ray Glass

X-ray glass, also referred to as radiation shielding glass or lead glass, is leaded glass that provides shielding protection by absorbing the energy of radiation. The shielding effect is created by a high concentration of lead and barium and the glass can be optically clear or have a slight yellow tint. Lead lined glass is manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses depending on the intended application. Typically, the thicker the lead glass, the higher the level of radiation shielding.

Radiation shielding glass provides protection while allowing technicians to view imaging or radiation therapy procedures and is used in permanent and modular shielding applications. Leaded glass can also be laminated to meet safety specifications for impact resistance.

Leaded Glass Provides Effective Protection Against Gamma Rays and X-Rays

Lead x-ray glass has a number of uses, primarily in the medical industry, to provide protection against gamma rays and x-rays. Lead glass provides full radiation protection but is also transparent to provide high visibility, making it suitable for observation purposes.

Radiation shielding glass is used for various applications and by industries including medical, laboratory, industrial and nuclear. The size and thickness of the lead glass used depends on considerations including  the type of radiation exposure, level of exposure and proximity to equipment.

Medical and Laboratory Applications for Leaded X-Ray Glass

Lead lined glass is widely used for medical applications because is provides high visibility without compromising the ability to monitor patients during treatment and procedures. Both leaded glass windows and leaded x-ray glass barriers are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to meet shielding requirements.

Common medical applications for radiation shielding glass include:

  • Observation windows for x-ray, CT Scan, Fluoroscopy, and E.T. imaging.
  • Protective windows in laboratories
  • Protective screens for medical diagnostics
Commercial, Industrial and Nuclear Applications for Leaded Glass

In addition to medical industry use, lead glass is used to created lead shielded windows for various commercial, industrial and nuclear applications ranging from laboratories to airport security stations. In these industries lead lined glass is used to create protective barriers and in the manufacturing of protective wear.

Lead glass windows are used for industrial and nuclear applications such as:

  • Windows for airport security x-ray stations
  • Lenses for safety goggles worn during radiation testing
  • Shielding for radioactive storage stations and nuclear plants

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Radiation Shielding Glass in Standard and Custom Sizes

Radiation Protection Products’ x-ray lead glass is suitable for installation in screens, windows, walls, and doors is available in standard sizes or can be customized based on your unique specifications. Our leaded glass windows deliver superior visual clarity and high light transmission with little to no distortion, even in our thickest available varieties. Our lead glass can be used effectively in x-ray rooms, radiation therapy rooms, laboratories, and many other applications.

Features and benefits of x-ray lead glass from Radiation Protection Products include:

  • Standard sizes from 8” x 10” to 108” x 54”
  • Available in four thicknesses ranging from 1.6mm to 3.2mm
  • Light amber color provides visibility and allows light transmission
  • Custom options available, including laminated safety glass

We also provide Med-X Gamma glass for P.E.T. imaging rooms in dimensions up to 54” x 108” and thicknesses ranging from 7.0mm-8.5mm to 32.0mm-36.0mm. This leaded glass provides superior visual clarity and effective radiation shielding under various KeV levels.

Leaded Glass Sizing and Specifications for Radiation Shielding

We offer lead lined glass in a variety of standard sizes to meet the needs of nearly any application. We also offer custom size lead glass up to a maximum of 108″ x 54,” which is the largest size available to the market. Our radiation Shielding Glass contains 48% lead and 15% barium and is a light amber colored glass suitable for installation in screens, walls and doors.

Radiation Protection Products x-ray glass is available in the following equivalencies: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.2mm. Equivalencies for our lead x-ray glass are based on 150kV, with higher lead equivalencies available upon request. Our leaded glass meets or exceeds Federal Specification DD-G-451 and is manufactured in accordance with the Lead Industries Handbook and NCRP Applicable Reports.

We also offer specially designed laminated radiation shielding glass that consists of 1/16″ leaded glass laminated to a piece of clear float. This leaded glass design will help meet state specifications requiring both safety properties and lead properties in all vision panels.

See the chart below for our standard x-ray glass sizes. Quotes for custom size leaded glass are available upon request.

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