We Create Authentic illusions of natures that trigger relaxation and all-time spaces especially dental clinic where patient stress out and Anxious during the treatment done. We create sky ceiling and Virtual windows. Its essentially a combination of four spectrum day light system. A critic panels with sky images on them and then frames snap into the existing drop ceiling to create this beautiful realistic skylight effects and these are modular, these are scalable and can create any shape or size.

There is great way to open the ceiling and make it seem like you are looking outside for relaxation. We also do windows. LED monitor make vertical viewing its 4k and this monitor is connected to an Ultra HD media player and amplifier, speakers. So, you hear whatever you are watching. We give you 8 hours of Ultra HD contents. Scenes the most beautiful places in the country so you get to see a loop of the scenes go on for 8 hours. It is very relaxing product for Treatment rooms and for waiting rooms where there is a lot of people is watching television something natural and relaxing.

Ultra High Definition video screen set in a ceiling mounted frame with angle reveal Screen surface raised above ceiling/mounting surface evokes a sense of depth and enhances the architectural realism of moving sky.

Long form, real time, continuous 4K UHD video
Ranges from 1 to 3 hours per video with no loops, jump-cuts, or accelerated motion
Video captured with 4K RED One or RED Epic camera
Up to 8 hours of videos
Based on video selection and how the video length totals combine

Wall Mounted Controller

Dimensions and Weight
Monitor Triple
Viewable Image Area 161.1cm x 89.0cm
Outside Trim Dimension 182.1cm x 110.0cm
Finished Opening Dimensions 180.9cm x 108.8cm
Clearance above ceiling 29cm
Suspended Weight 82.94 Kg
Video Content
Video Content 4k UHD
Video Range from 1 to 3 hours per video (Total hours)
Trim Color White
Controller Type Wall Mounted
Controller Dimensions 14.4cm x 13.8cm
Installation Cut 11.7cm x 10.2cm
Resolution 65k colors touchscreen
Connecting Cables CAT6
Electrical Requirements
Power Consumption 450 watts
Voltage Range 100-220v AC
Power Surge Protection Required
Power filtering Required
Operating Temperature
Temperature above ceiling not to exceed: 95o F(35oC)
Temperature in Room 41 ~ 85o F (5 ~ 29.5o C)
Operating Humidity 20% - 80% non Condensing
Mounting Screwed to solid provision
Warranty 2 Years
  • Enhanced illusion
  • Dramatically and affordably transforms interior spaces
  • Increased relaxation and psycho-physiological restoration
  • Unique and proprietary mega-format digital Videos
  • 4K UHD Videos
  • Unique Illusions of Sky
  • Feature Length Footage
  • Advanced Technology
  • Unedited scenes
  • 24×7 Service
  • Industrial Strength
  • Robust Controlling System
  • Ensuring continuous airflow
  • Proper ventilation
  • Comfort to patients
  • Virtual skylights at any scale
  • Deeper restorative experience

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Model DS-6536
Monitor Single
Viewable Area 161.1cm x 89.0cm
Outside Trim 182.1cm x 110.0cm
Finished Opening 180.9cm x 108.8cm
Clearance above Ceiling 29cm
Suspended Weight 82.94kg
Video Content 4K UHD Video
Video Range 1-3hrs each (8hrs)
Trim Color White color
Controller Type Wall Mounted
Controller Dimension 14.4cm x 13.8cm
Installation Cut 11.7cm x 10.2cm
Power Consumption 450 Watts
Voltage Range 100-220V AC
Temperature above ceiling 95o F (35o C) Max
Temperature of Room 41 ~ 85o F (5 ~ 29.5o C)
Operating Humidity 20% ~ 80 % non-condensing
Mounting Screwed to solid provisions
Warranty 2 Years