Specialized Reporting Room

Specialized Reporting Rooms

To help healthcare providers meet these demand Acore Infosystems Provides reading room design consultation services in addition to the ergonomic workstations, lighting solutions and reading room peripherals that create a well designed reading environment. We also take time to educate out customers on the proper use of their ergonomic equipment, including all reading environment controls, to ensure all possible benefits are realized.

The Importance of Optimized Reading Room Location:

  • Maximize radiologist visibility and facilitate efficient communication with referring physicians, patients and technologists.
  • Create a productive multipurpose environment that minimizes external distractions and serves the department’s operational needs.
  • Maximize radiologist focus and reduce sensory fatigue.
  • Prevent repetitive motion injuries to ensure healthy radiologists.

Ergonomic, Radiology workstations Accessories and Furniture

Our radiology PACS furniture are the foundation of healthy, ergonomic reading room environments that promote reduced report turnaround time, and decreased absenteeism from repetitive motion injuries.

Regardless of the shape, size, configuration or complexity of your current workspace, we have the experience, expertise and products to create a new, re-imagined work environment that is a perfect fit for your needs.

  1. Comfort specialized workstation Table
  2. Height Adjustable Workstation Table
  3. Ambient Lighting
  4. Bookshelf
  5. CPU Holders
  6. Cable Management System
  7. Peripherals & Accessories
  8. Custom Finishes