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Acore Infrastructure (P) Limited offers turnkey solutions for various projects. We can offer design concepts, consultation, and installation services for all heavy lead shielding projects. ACORE can partner with your current architect, or develop a fresh set of plans. We can offer consultation on the best design to meet your specific needs for radiation shielding material. We have structural engineers and physicists to help complete your job with maximum efficiency.

In many cases additional shielding is required like interlocking lead bricks and/or borated polyethylene. ACORE offers wall shielding, ceiling/floor shielding and duct shielding installations. We will complete the installation in a timely and professional manner. We will coordinate delivery of the products to ensure we can unload the truck and bring the materials to their final destination. Our job area is kept clean every step of the way. If possible we try to ensure all lead cutting takes place at our factory prior to installation to avoid concerns about lead dust or particles. If it is determined that we need to do cutting in the field, we make absolutely certain that all precautions are taken to ensure 100% compliance with all regulatory agencies. Our cutting tools are heavily oiled before each cut to virtually eliminate any lead dust or particles. In addition, we use plastic sheeting to enclose are work areas when necessary.

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  • Lead Lined Window / Door

ACORE lead-lined window and doorframes are designed to suit various wall sizes and hardware specifications, while ensuring the ultimate in radiation shielding. For facilities in the medical, industrial, scientific, and nuclear industries where radiation is present, ACORE lead-lined frames are a must-have. The window frames support lead glass or leaded acrylic, and the doorframes support the heavy weight of lead-lined wood doors and have aesthetic appeal. There are two types of frames for existing and new construction, both with mitered corners for a strong, continuous seal.

  • Lead-Lined Window

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Dimensions and thicknesses to meet most design needs

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